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A Community Story

Lovel stands proudly next to the community's fishing boat
Lovel stands proudly next to the community's fishing boat

In the Lovel's community in the Philippines, most families rely on fishing as their sole source of income. But nets are easily ripped, and boats are expensive. Families struggle to feed their children, much less send them to school.

Fourteen families decided to band together and make a change. They formed a business group called “HUGOD” and together they applied for a loan from the local World Vision microfinance institution.

They used the loan to purchase a motorized fishing boat - the first one for this coastal community. The members take turns using the boat and selling the catch.

HUGOD president Lovel A. Flores said the new boat helps them catch more fish because they can go further off the coast much faster.

"When we use a motorized fishing boat, it's a big blessing," he said. "We have an alternative source (to catch more fish) that can answer our daily needs in our life."

You can help create success story by funding another hardworking entpreneur like Lovel. Once repaid, the loan is reinvested to help another hardworking entrepreneur in the same community.

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