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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


Zarik's Story

"Our family has been running a small shop since 2003", explains Zarik. "Nevertheless . . . we could hardly make ends meet, and used the limited working capital just to purchase the minimum amount of goods for the store".

Their three children were growing and so were their various needs, significantly increasing the household expenses. Together, Zarik and her husband Andranik reluctantly decided to apply for a loan to expand their inventory and renovate the shop.

"Several months later we had almost a new store", shares Zarik. “Thanks to the loan, we have considerably multiplied the variety of our goods, constructed a meat-department and new warehouse. We have also completely renovated the whole shop, making it more appealing for the customers".

Today Zarik is proud of her store, which offers a variety of foods, groceries as well as other household items.

"After the loan and business expansion our family is living much better", explains her adult daughter Anna, who also works at the store. "We have been able to pay my siblings tuition fee for this year and are confident they will graduate from university without financial problems".

You can help create success story by funding another hardworking entpreneur like Zarik. Once repaid, the loan is reinvested to help another hardworking entrepreneur in the same community.

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