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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


Micro Day Resources

Hosting a Micro Day is simple! Everything you need is provided below. Download your FREE resources and get ready to help your MOPS moms change the lives of moms around the world.

MOPS Coordinator Resources

Coordinator Guide

Provides a detailed schedule, speaking points and discussion guide to help you lead the meeting and ways to share Micro with your MOPS moms. [view]

CEO Video

Shows how a loan can change a woman’s life, her family, and whole community! [view]

"A loan. A pond. A miracle." Video

Shows MOPS moms the power of a loan and the impact of their involvement. [view]

"About Microfinance" Video

Shows MOPS moms how microfinance empowers hardworking entrepreneurs. [view]

"I am" Cards

Highlights the impact of microfinance using the stories of real moms. [view]

Finance Team Leader Resources

Finance Team Leader Guide

Includes details about setting up a Micro Giving Group so your MOPS moms can join together to empower another hardworking mom. [view]

Donation Sign-up Sheet

Equips your Finance Team Leader to collect email addresses and tally donation amounts. [view]

Donation Forms

Makes it easy for MOPS moms to give by check or debit/credit card. [view]

Creative Activities Resources

Creative Activities Guide

Provides instructions for leading an activity that can help MOPS moms relate to women around the world whole sell handmade crafts for a living. [view]

Creative Activities

Offers more options for Micro-themed crafts. [view]

Recipe Cards

Find ideas to make Micro themed snacks. [view]

Paper Bead Bracelets

Get hands on and learn how to make paper bead bracelets. [view]

Publicity Team Leader Resources

Publicity Team Leader Guide

Includes ideas and resources for spreading excitement about Micro. [view]

Micro Poster

Helps spread the word about Micro at MOPS meetings and in your community. [view]


Distribute wherever you can to spread the word about Micro. [view]

Press Release

Urge the local media to cover what your group is doing. [view]

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Moppets Team Leader Resources

Moppets Team Leader Guide

Equips your Moppets Team Leader with stories, games and crafts to help MOPS kids learn what life is like for kids in other countries. [view]

Children's Activities

Provides a coloring picture and maze to help kids further engage and a take-home sheet that lets MOPS moms know what their kids learned and enables them to continue the discussion at home. [view]

Thanks for hosting a Micro Day! Together, your MOPS moms can connect with another mom living in poverty and have a lasting impact by equipping her to provide for her family

To get a printed version of this Mops Day Toolkit please call us at 1.888.511.6444.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

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