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  • Chanthol
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    Chanthol is from Cambodia. She has 1 child. She needs a loan of $300 to pay for labor fees.
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    Chanthol is 55 years old and runs a small business providing labor for others for a fee. She lives in World Vision's Prasath Ballang region in Cambodia. Chanthol has provided labor in this area for 4 years. She also has 2 employees who help her run her business. Chanthol also has a second business where she raises rice. This second business provides a supplemental income which Chanthol needs to support her family. Chanthol has requested a loan from World Vision to expand her business. She would like to pay for labor fees. This will help Chanthol provide more workers for labor which will increase her overall income. Chanthol and her husband have 1 child, who is currently studying in school.
    $25 raised
    Loan needed: $300
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