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Siti M

Siti is from Indonesia. She has 2 children. She needs a loan of $125 to purchase newer handbag styles.

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Siti is from Indonesia. She has 2 children. She needs a loan of $125 to purchase newer handbag styles.

  • Top Goals To purchase newer handbag styles
  • Children Helped 2
  • Number of Employees 1

Siti's Story

Siti lives in the city of Jakarta, and she helps support her family by selling women’s handbags. There is significant competition from similar businesses, and she lacks the capital she needs to improve and expand her business. Her goal is to improve living conditions for her family by making her business more profitable.

With a loan from World Vision, Siti plans to enlarge her inventory, and to purchase the newer styles which will attract more customers. The additional income she will earn will help her to provide the family’s basic necessities and allow her to keep her two children in school. In the future, Siti plans to continue to invest in and grow her business. She hopes to add more variety to her inventory, including school bags.

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Industry Info

In areas where the poor live alongside the more affluent, businesses in the service sector can be very successful. Services include flower cultivation, tailoring/sewing, transportation, repair work, beauty salons and barber shops, and restaurants. Loans are needed to begin, expand, or sustain business with tools and supplies. Loans given to entrepreneurs in the service sector account for around 7% of our loans.

Siti's Community

There is no community update available at this time.

Siti's Mid Term Update June 27, 2012

Thank you for supporting a small business loan for Siti Maesaroh to expand her clothing and retail business where she sells handbags for a living. After receiving the loan from World Vision, she invested the $125 to purchase newer handbag styles.

Siti has been repaying her loan on time with her new profits. She makes weekly payments of $5. In addition to repaying her loan, Siti is using additional income to pay school fees and purchase food for the family and expand the current business. Siti's 2 children continue to study in school. Thank you for supporting Siti and World Vision Micro!

Siti's Final Update September 23, 2012

Siti Maesaroh has successfully repaid her small business loan. She invested the $125 into purchasing newer styles of handbags to attract customers and improve her handbag sales.

Thanks to the loan tshe received, Siti was able to use the profits from her business to pay school fees for her children and purchase food for her family.

In the future, Siti aspires to earn enough to continue sending her children to school and expand her current business.

Siti's two children continue to study in school. Because she was able to invest in her business, she will be able to invest in her family.

Thank you for investing in the power of hardworking people, like Siti, through World Vision Micro. These funds are now available to help other entrepreneurs in Siti's community.

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