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Reuben Y

Reuben is from Kenya. He has 7 children. He needs a loan of $375 to purchase tools for quarry mining.

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Reuben is from Kenya. He has 7 children. He needs a loan of $375 to purchase tools for quarry mining.

  • Top Goals To purchase tools for quarry mining
  • Children Helped 7
  • Number of Employees 2

Reuben's Story

Reuben supports his large family by operating two businesses. He sells livestock and mines stones from a quarry. Both of his businesses need to be expanded so he can provide the basic needs for his family. Without capital to invest in his businesses, he cannot improve living conditions for his family.

A loan from World Vision will allow Reuben to purchase tools to improve his mining business. With the additional income he will earn as a result of this improvement, he will be able to reinvest in his businesses and pay the school fees for his seven children. Reuben plans to continue to reinvest in and grow his businesses. In the future, he hopes to have more livestock to sell and a new quarry for mining.

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Industry Info

The Agriculture business sector covers all farming and livestock activities. Some entrepreneurs request loans to help in securing supplies and equipment. Others want to buy more animals to breed or purchase feed and medicines. The majority of our loan clients live in rural communities where agriculture is already understood as a business model. It is for this reason that approximately 50% of our loans are in the agricultural sector.

Reuben's Community

Kabarnet is located in Baringo District in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. It is characterized by uninhabitable desert and fertile farmland, flat arid plains and steep slopes. Rural Kenyans generally live with their extended family in a cluster of huts, which provides shelter and symbolizes the closeness of the people living there. Family members typically share work responsibilities and resources as they support themselves through farming.

Children are considered a valuable resource in Kenya. A large family means more hands to help on the farm and ensures parents will be taken care of in their old age. Education is provided by the Kenyan government for children up to age 8, however, nearly 1.7 million children do not attend school because of failing economic and social systems.

With a population nearing 75,000 and 20 percent being children under 5, access to health services is limited in Kabarnet. According to the World Health Organization, the leading causes of death among children younger than 5 are pneumonia, diarrheal diseases, HIV and AIDS, and malaria. Efforts are being made to strengthen the capacity of health workers and services. To receive care, people must travel, usually on foot, at least nine miles to the nearest health center.

In Kabarnet, World Vision also focuses on education, immunizations, HIV and AIDS prevention education, food security, and sanitation.

Reuben's Mid Term Update August 11, 2012

Thank you for supporting a small business loan for Reuben Yatich to expand his livestock and rock quarry business. After receiving the loan from World Vision, he invested the $375 to purchase tools for quarry mining.

Reuben has been repaying his loan on time with his new profits. He makes weekly payments of $7 .

In addition to repaying his loan, Reuben is using additional income to purchase food for the animals, purchase food and other daily necessities for his family and expand his current business. Reuben's 7 children continue to study in school.

Thank you for supporting Reuben and World Vision Micro!

Reuben's Final Update January 26, 2013

Reuben Yatich has successfully repaid his small business loan. He invested the $375 into purchasing tools to work his quarry business more efficiently.

Thanks to the loan he received, Reuben was able to use the profits from his business to pay school fees for his children, purchase food for his family, and expand his current business.

In the future, Reuben aspires to earn enough to continue sending his children to school, further expand his current business, and take out another loan.

Reuben's seven children continue to study in school. Because he was able to invest in his business, he will be able to invest in his family.

Thank you for investing in the power of hardworking people, like Reuben, through World Vision Micro. These funds are now available to help other entrepreneurs in Reuben's community.

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