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Shimeles A

Shimeles is from Ethiopia. He has 2 children. He needs a loan of $575 to restock his store.

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Shimeles is from Ethiopia. He has 2 children. He needs a loan of $575 to restock his store.

  • Top Goals To restock his store
  • Children Helped 2
  • Number of Employees 1

Shimeles's Story

Shimeles runs a store selling building construction materials for a living to support his family. Though there is a high demand for construction materials, economic conditions make it difficult for Shimeles to keep his store stocked for his clients.

With a loan from World Vision Shimeles will be able to buy more construction materials to restock his store. In addition to satisfying his customers, Shimeles will be able to better provide for his family and hopes to keep his business growing with the generated income. His future ambition is to own a larger store and to hire an assistant to help him with his business.

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Industry Info

Retail is a quick and scalable way to begin earning a profit. Many entrepreneurs begin with stalls at markets or even at home and need a loan to expand or increase their inventory. Others may be ready to open a small store. Goods purchased from loan funds range from clothing, grocery or sundry items to jewelry, candy, perfume or health and beauty supplies. Loans in the commerce sector account for around 33% of our loans.

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