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Sulis F

Sulis is from Indonesia. She needs a loan of $450 to purchase wheat flour, butter, eggs and cookie cutters.

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Sulis is from Indonesia. She needs a loan of $450 to purchase wheat flour, butter, eggs and cookie cutters.

  • Top Goals To purchase wheat flour, butter, eggs and cookie cutters...
  • Number of Employees 1

Sulis's Story

Sulis lives with both of her parents in Surabaya city. She and her parents run a catering and bakery business. The demand of cookies will increase during Christmas and the Idul Fitri.

Her main challenge has been the fluctuating price of cookies ingredients and lack of capital to increase her production during the high seasons.

The loan will help her to purchase the main ingredients needed for her bakery such as wheat flour, eggs and butter. Buying additional ingredients will allow her to increase her production during the coming high season which will allow her to meet the customer demands.

She expects to hire also some employees to assist her in the production process.It has been her goal to develop her family's cookie making business.

The additional income will allow her to meet her family's basic needs and allow her to have some saving for her family's future.

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Industry Info

Entrepreneurs with specialized skills can apply for a loan in the manufacturing sector. Examples of businesses in the manufacturing sector are making and selling clothes, shoes, machine parts, baskets…the list goes on. These savvy entrepreneurs see the opportunity in their community and, with the help of a loan and their unique talents, can establish their niche. Only 3% of our loans are in the manufacturing sector.

Sulis's Community

World Vision began working with the people of Indonesia in 1957, when we hosted a pastors conference. In 1961, a childcare program opened to help orphans and refugee children. By 1967 the program grew to assist some 2,000 children. During the 1970s, World Vision donors sponsored more than 8,000 children, and community development work began in several areas. Today, U.S. sponsors alone support 20,000 children in six community development areas, including Surabaya.

Ministry of Education data shows that many children living in the slums of Surabaya are not attending school. Surveys also found that high numbers of infants die from preventable diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhea. This community has schools and health clinics, but the most common factor preventing access is poverty. Families can’t afford school fees and materials, or the cost of clinic visits and medicines. To address these issues, World Vision and community members have determined that improved income opportunities and health and education projects are critical. Community instruction on the importance of child rights and education also were deemed vital to community success.

World Vision began working alongside families in the slums of Surabaya in 2000, and programs designed to provide lasting, holistic, community development are directly targeting approximately 2,045 sponsored children and their families.

Sulis's Mid Term Update May 17, 2012

Thank you for supporting a small business loan for Sulis Fitriyah to expand her food and services business where she makes making cookies & catering. After receiving the loan from World Vision, she invested the $450 to purchase wheat flour, butter, eggs and cookie cutters.

Sulis has been repaying her loan on time with her new profits. She makes weekly payments of $11 .

In addition to repaying her loan, Sulis is using additional income to pay school fees, purchase food for the family and expand the current business.

Thank you for supporting Sulis and World Vision Micro!

Sulis's Final Update October 04, 2012


Sulis Fitriyah has successfully repaid her small business loan. She invested the $450 for her bakery and catering business.

Thanks to the loan that she received, Sulis was able to use the profits from her business to maintain or repair equipment, buy supplies in bulk and purchase equipment. In the future, Sulis aspires to earn enough to expand her current business and take out another loan.

Thank you for investing in the power of hardworking people. These funds are now available to help other entrepreneurs in Sulis’s community.

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