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Gerarda P

Gerarda is from Mexico. She needs a loan of $175 to buy sugar, milk, coffee, beans, eggs and sheep food. .

Crescencio Morales
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Gerarda is from Mexico. She needs a loan of $175 to buy sugar, milk, coffee, beans, eggs and sheep food. .

  • Top Goals To buy sugar, milk, coffee, beans, eggs and sheep food...

Gerarda's Story

Gerarda opened her grocery store about 20 years ago. She opened her store because there wasn’t any place to buy things near her house. People had to walk more than 2 miles to buy basic things. She also raises and sells sheep.

She is asking for a loan to invest in her grocery store. She needs to stock it up and buy sugar, soup, oil, coffee, instant soups, matches, beans, etc. She also needs to buy food for her sheep.

She is struggling to pay for her granddaughters school expenses. She is barely making enough money to cover family expenses and what she has left goes to her granddaughters' education. She has no money left to buy stock for her store.

This loan will help her stock up her store and buy food for her sheep so they can grow bigger and stronger so she can sell them at a higher price.

The profits she makes are going to go into paying for her granddaughters’ school and buying her notebooks, uniforms, shoes and household expenses. Her goal is for her granddaughter to finish high school. Next, she wants to expand her store, perhaps even build another room to make it bigger.

Gerarda is a 68 year old widow with many children who are married now. She lives with her granddaughter who is in high school.

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Industry Info

The Agriculture business sector covers all farming and livestock activities. Some entrepreneurs request loans to help in securing supplies and equipment. Others want to buy more animals to breed or purchase feed and medicines. The majority of our loan clients live in rural communities where agriculture is already understood as a business model. It is for this reason that approximately 50% of our loans are in the agricultural sector.

Gerarda's Community

Crecencio Morales is a mountainous community that is home to an indigenous population of approximately 8,000. Elder members of the population still speak the Mazahua indigenous languages and weave traditional clothing.

Residents of Crecencio Morales live in poverty, depending primarily on agriculture, commerce, and the production of artisan goods for income. Most homes are made of wood and have only two rooms with dirt floors. Families cook their meals on wood stoves, as gas and electricity are limited. Few residents have access to toilets or running water; most use outhouses and fetch water from community wells.

In Crecencio Morales, World Vision is providing families with business training; helping farmers increase agricultural production and incomes; attending to the health needs of malnourished children; increasing access to safe water through the installation of water tanks; and providing tutoring and recreational opportunities.

Gerarda's Mid Term Update May 26, 2012

Thank you for supporting a small business loan for Gerarda Parada to expand her farming and grocery business where she sells sheep and groceries.

After receiving the loan from World Vision, she invested the $175 to buy sugar, milk, coffee, beans, eggs, and sheep food.

Gerarda has been repaying her loan on time with her new profits. She makes weekly payments of $7.

In addition to repaying her loan, Gerarda is using additional income to buy supplies in bulk and expand the current business.

Gerarda says that her grocery store is doing well. She was able to sell many products around the holidays.

Thank you for supporting Gerarda and World Vision Micro!

Gerarda's Final Update August 18, 2012

Thank you for supporting the small loan for Gerarda Parada to improve her farming and grocery business. She invested her loan of $175 to buy sugar, milk, coffee, beans, eggs and sheep food.

Gerarda has now repaid her loan in full. She used her additional income expand her business by purchasing a larger variety of goods to sell in her store.

The profits she is earning create lasting improvements in her life. She is thankful that the sheep have been healthier and selling faster. In the future Gerarda hopes to take out another loan to expand her business further and purchase more livestock.

Thank you for your support of Gerarda and World Vision Micro. These funds are now being recycled to support another deserving entrepreneur in the same community.

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