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Sreyann R

Sreyann is from Cambodia. She has 2 children. She needs a loan of $350 to purchase fertilizer and hire labor.

Leuk Daek
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Sreyann is from Cambodia. She has 2 children. She needs a loan of $350 to purchase fertilizer and hire labor.

  • Top Goals To purchase fertilizer and hire labor
  • Children Helped 2
  • Number of Employees 1

Sreyann's Story

Sreyann Ron lives in Banteay Meanchey Province where she grows rice and vegetables to support her two children. Her main challenge is having the money to buy fertilizer and also pay for labor costs during harvest. She asked for funding from World Vision to help sustain her farm.

The funds she received were used to purchase much needed fertilizer and also to pay for the labor during harvest time. This year her crops were better and she was able to harvest them much sooner. With the farm being more successful, she will have a better income than in previous years.

The additional income will help to improve their living conditions and will be used to send her children to school. In the future, Sreyann wants to increase her farm so that she can grow more rice and vegetables. This will make her farm even more successful and give her family a more secure future.

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Industry Info

The Agriculture business sector covers all farming and livestock activities. Some entrepreneurs request loans to help in securing supplies and equipment. Others want to buy more animals to breed or purchase feed and medicines. The majority of our loan clients live in rural communities where agriculture is already understood as a business model. It is for this reason that approximately 50% of our loans are in the agricultural sector.

Sreyann's Community

More than 56,000 people make their home in Cambodia’s Leuk Daek district. Located in Kandal province, improvements are needed in social services, healthcare, schools, and roads. Agriculture is the main source of family income, yet 37 percent of the population experiences food shortages for more than four months of the year.

World Vision established the Leuk Daek Area Development Program in 2000. Accomplishments include helping families establish home gardens, teaching farmers new agricultural methods, immunizing children, constructing calverts, and supporting a canal renovation. These changes have helped the Cambodian people to begin making improvements in their lives.

The World Vision-affiliated VisionFund Cambodia microfinance institution does things like educate entrepreneurs about microfinance, disburse loans, and manage repayments. This gives impoverished rural people a chance to back away from local moneylenders and begin sustainable employment opportunities.

Sreyann's Mid Term Update June 10, 2012

Thank you for supporting a small business loan for Sreyann Ron to expand her farming and food business. After receiving the loan from World Vision, she invested the $350 by buying fertilizer and hiring labor.

Sreyann has been repaying her loan on time with her new profits. She makes weekly payments of $7. In addition to repaying her loan, Sreyann is using additional income to purchase fertilizer and expand the current business and purchase equipment. Sreyann's 2 children continue to study in school.

Sreyann would like to express her appreciation to all of her donors. Thank you for supporting Sreyann and World Vision Micro!

Sreyann's Final Update November 22, 2012

Thank you for supporting Sreyann Ron’s farming business through World Vision Micro. Sreyann invested her small business loan of $350 to purchase fertilizer and hire labor for her farm. She has made weekly payments of $7 and has now fully repaid her loan.

With the profits from her business, Sreyann decided to purchase food for the animals, purchase fertilizer and expand her current business. Sreyann’s goal for the future is to earn enough so that she can expand her current business, take out another loan and purchase livestock.

Sreyann’s two children remain in school. Because of your donation, Sreyann is able to provide a better future for her children.

Thank you for providing Sreyann with hope and a future. These funds are now being recycled to support another hardworking entrepreneur in the same community.

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