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Martin Alberto is from Mexico. He needs a loan of $400 Buy tools and improve his workshop.

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Martin Alberto is from Mexico. He needs a loan of $400 Buy tools and improve his workshop.

  • Top Goals Buy tools and improve his workshop
  • Number of Employees 1

Martin Alberto's Story

Mr. Martin makes and sells furniture; he learned this activity from his father. Mr. Martin Axotla works daily and his clients are people of other towns. His economic activity is successful because he has a great imagination to design furniture and give it details.

He needs a loan to invest in his business and advance it, buy more tools and improve his workshop.

He hopes give at his wife a better house; he knows that with effort he could do it.

Mr. Martín Acevedo Axotla lives in Cuautlpan. It is a town with people very nice, happy and hard working. He lives with his wife in a little house of wood. His house only has 3 rooms.

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Industry Info

Entrepreneurs with specialized skills can apply for a loan in the manufacturing sector. Examples of businesses in the manufacturing sector are making and selling clothes, shoes, machine parts, baskets…the list goes on. These savvy entrepreneurs see the opportunity in their community and, with the help of a loan and their unique talents, can establish their niche. Only 3% of our loans are in the manufacturing sector.

Martin Alberto's Community

In Tisepantekipanoske, World Vision is educating families about personal hygiene and the prevention of diarrhea and respiratory infections; planting trees and establishing family gardens and farms to improve nutrition; and providing families with resources for storing and accessing clean water.

Martin Alberto's Mid Term Update June 05, 2010

We apologize for the delay in your promised mid-term report. When we reviewed the repayment status of your loan, it became apparent that your mid-term report had somehow slipped through the cracks. While World Vision has been giving microloans to the enterprising poor for over 20 years, Micro is a brand-new program. Our field staff has received updated training regarding the importance of prompt reporting back to donors, and you should be receiving an update soon.

Please let me assure you that what happened in this case is not typical of World Vision or Micro. We continue to be committed to providing you and all of our donors with consistent high-quality feedback. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-511-6444 or by email at Thank you for your continued support!

Martin Alberto's Final Update August 14, 2010

Martin Alberto Acevedo Axotla used his loan to invest in his business. He works selling rustic furniture. He used his loan to buy a table to work on. He also got his own store up and running so that he can store all of his merchandise there and work in a comfortable environment. His next goal is to put up a bright and attractive sign outside his business to attract more customers.

Martin repaid his loan in full. These loan funds are now available to help another worthy entrepreneur in his community. Thank you for supporting Martin and World Vision Micro!

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