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Rogelio T

Rogelio is from Mexico. He needs a loan of $500 to purchase fertilizer, insecticide,and avocado trees.

Crescencio Morales
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Rogelio is from Mexico. He needs a loan of $500 to purchase fertilizer, insecticide,and avocado trees.

  • Top Goals To purchase fertilizer, insecticide,and avocado trees...

Rogelio's Story

Rogelio and his wife Marcelina have been supporting their family for the last ten years by growing and selling avocados. Rogelio’s dream is to expand and improve his orchard in order to make his business more prosperous. His goal is to use these profits to reinvest in the business, provide for daily necessities, and save for future needs.

With a loan from World Vision, Rogelio plans to purchase fertilizer, insecticide, and more avocado trees. He also plans to hire a professional grower to teach him better cultivating techniques. With the additional income he will earn, Rogelio will be able to afford daily essentials, pay for his wife’s medical needs, continue to expand his business, and start a savings for the future.

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Industry Info

Entrepreneurs with specialized skills can apply for a loan in the manufacturing sector. Examples of businesses in the manufacturing sector are making and selling clothes, shoes, machine parts, baskets…the list goes on. These savvy entrepreneurs see the opportunity in their community and, with the help of a loan and their unique talents, can establish their niche. Only 3% of our loans are in the manufacturing sector.

Rogelio's Community

Crecencio Morales is a mountainous community that is home to an indigenous population of approximately 8,000. Elder members of the population still speak the Mazahua indigenous languages and weave traditional clothing.

Residents of Crecencio Morales live in poverty, depending primarily on agriculture, commerce, and the production of artisan goods for income. Most homes are made of wood and have only two rooms with dirt floors. Families cook their meals on wood stoves, as gas and electricity are limited. Few residents have access to toilets or running water; most use outhouses and fetch water from community wells.

In Crecencio Morales, World Vision is providing families with business training; helping farmers increase agricultural production and incomes; attending to the health needs of malnourished children; increasing access to safe water through the installation of water tanks; and providing tutoring and recreational opportunities.

Rogelio's Mid Term Update November 15, 2011

Mr. Rogelio Mondragon used the loan that he received through World Vision to purchase supplies to help fertilize his land and grow his avocado trees. Some of his trees had been infected with a disease, and he made the investment with the hope that these new supplies would help him protect the trees and grow good avocados.

Right now, he says that his sales and profits are going very well. It's a good time for harvesting and selling avocados.

Mr. Mondragon has always paid his loan on time and has never missed a payment.

One of his big accomplishments is that he was able to salvage the trees that were sick, and now he picks avocados from those trees daily to sell them. He was so worried that he was going to lose everything, however, he can now sell daily at the market because of the abundant harvest being produced by his avocado trees.

He would like to thank World Vision and the donors for their support of his business. He knows that without the loan that he received through World Vision, he would not have been able to save his trees.

Thank you for supporting Mr. Mondragon and World Vision Micro!

Rogelio's Final Update February 07, 2012


Thank you for supporting the small business loan for Rogelio Tenorio Mondragon to improve his farming and food business. He invested his loan of $500 by buying fertilizer, insecticide, and avocado trees.

Rogelio has now repaid his loan in full. In addition to repaying his loan, Rogelio used his additional income to purchase fertilizer, pay for transportation, and expand the current business.

The loan Rogelio received helped his business expand and the profits he is now earning create lasting improvements in his life. In the future Rogelio hopes to expand the current business and take out another loan.

Rogelio is happy that he has a healthy crop of avocado. Thank you for your support of Rogelio and World Vision Micro. These funds are now being recycled to support another eager entrepreneur in the same community.

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