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Micaela B

Micaela is from Mexico. She needs a loan of $275 to purchase ingredients.

Vicente Camalote
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Micaela is from Mexico. She needs a loan of $275 to purchase ingredients.

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Micaela's Story

Micaela has been selling tamales for a living since her daughter was born. She needed to work to support her child. So, she decided to start her own business selling tamales, She is selling the tamales in her community and in other close communities.

Micaela has to walk a lot to sell her tamales. Micaela is is very happy because she has been getting more and more customers. Micaels also caters for parties.

Micaela requested a loan for investing on corn, lard, meat, hot peppers, banana and corn leaves for making the tamales and sell them. Micaela wants to thank to those who funded her loan because this loan has been helping her business grow.

Micaela is twenty-seven-years-old. She is a single mother of a five-year-old girl who is in preschool. Micaela lives in Cosolapa Caracol, Mexico.

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Industry Info

Entrepreneurs with specialized skills can apply for a loan in the manufacturing sector. Examples of businesses in the manufacturing sector are making and selling clothes, shoes, machine parts, baskets…the list goes on. These savvy entrepreneurs see the opportunity in their community and, with the help of a loan and their unique talents, can establish their niche. Only 3% of our loans are in the manufacturing sector.

Micaela's Community

The community of Vincente Camalote is located in the state of Oaxaca, about two hours from the city of Tierra Blanca. The climate is warm and the landscape is lush and green. Many residents participate in agriculture, primarily harvesting sugar cane. Other economic activities include commerce and fishing.

World Vision is working to improve the health of families in Vincente Camalote by providing housing materials for the improvement of living spaces; restoring water tanks for access to clean water; and supporting medical treatment and HIV- and AIDS-awareness campaigns. We are also supporting education by training teachers and tutors and providing spiritual-formation workshops for teens.

Micaela's Mid Term Update July 03, 2011


Micaela decided to invest the loan she received through World Vision in the purchase of firewood, corn leaves, corn, butter and meat. With these supplies, she will be able to continue her tamale selling business, and hopefully expand her business beyond just families and community friends.

Micaela says that thanks to this loan she was able to invest, her take home profits have increased enough that she has been able to give her family economic stability, and help provide for their basic needs.

One of the challenges she faces at times is that when the local sugar refinery closes for repairs, sales decrease for a while. She says that she knows God will pull her through those rough patches.

Thank you for supporting Micaela and World Vision Micro!

Micaela's Final Update August 28, 2011


Micaela says that her tamale business is doing very well. Her sales have increased greatly as have her take home profits. This has been such a blessing to her and her family, as she has been able to provide economic stability for her family.

Miacaela says that she has had many custom orders for large parties and festivities in her community. She often makes more than 50 tamales for a basic children’s birthday party.

She has finished paying back her loan and is very happy that she was responsible and able to do this. She hopes that sales will continue to be stable income for her, so that she can provide for her children's education.

Miacaela has repaid her loan in full. These loan funds are now available to help another worthy entrepreneur in her community. Thank you for supporting Miacaela and World Vision Micro!

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