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Aphrodice N

Aphrodice is from Rwanda. He needs a loan of $1,025 to purchase stock.

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Aphrodice is from Rwanda. He needs a loan of $1,025 to purchase stock.

  • Top Goals To purchase stock
  • Number of Employees 2

Aphrodice's Story

Aphrodice is a shop owner in Rugogwe, Rwanda where he sells a variety of household goods and food.

Using his loan from World Vision, Ahrodice will purchase additional inventory like sugar, rice, cooking oil, soaps and lotions. With an increased inventory, he will be able to productively run his business and increase his profits.

He would like to use the additional income to sustain his inventory as well as sell goods and food items in his community at reasonable prices.

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Industry Info

Retail is a quick and scalable way to begin earning a profit. Many entrepreneurs begin with stalls at markets or even at home and need a loan to expand or increase their inventory. Others may be ready to open a small store. Goods purchased from loan funds range from clothing, grocery or sundry items to jewelry, candy, perfume or health and beauty supplies. Loans in the commerce sector account for around 33% of our loans.

Aphrodice's Community

The community of Nyaruguru is located in southern Rwanda, where the climate is temperate. Despite poor soil, most families depend on subsistence agriculture. Food insecurity and malnutrition rates are high. Some farmers grow tea, which is then sold to a nearby factory. Livestock were once a source of income, but cattle have been consistently stolen to finance the conflict in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, which was sparked by the Rwandan genocide of the 1990s.

As a result of the genocide, many children are orphaned and living in child-headed households. Families struggle to find suitable shelter; many homes lack adequate roofing and are in need of repair. Unable to afford school fees, children often abandon education and seek jobs. Though HIV and AIDS remains a serious concern, the community lacks the resources to provide adequate healthcare.

In Nyaruguru, World Vision is working to improve quality of life for community members by constructing health centers and toilets; supporting education through school supplies and financial assistance; providing building materials for houses; educating individuals about HIV and AIDS; and providing agricultural and marketing training.

Aphrodice's Final Update December 26, 2012

While Aphrodice Nzabakurana initially invested in his business loan by purchasing to purchase stock, he has struggled to repay his loan.

The repayment of this loan became an unexpected burden for the family. Because of this situation, he fell behind on his payments and over time his business failed. Aphrodice prays that he will someday be able to restart he business so that he can better provide for his family.

While we continued to work with Aphrodice to help him reestablish his business, I regret to report that Aphrodice has now defaulted on his loan. Please pray for Aphrodice and his family during this difficult time.

Despite the fact that World Vision boasts a repayment rate greater than 98%, there will always be some loans that do not get fully repaid. While World Vision does everything it can to ensure that this does not happen, it is an unfortunate reality that must be recognized when providing loans to less fortunate populations.

Thank you for your understanding, and your support of World Vision Micro. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Care line at 1-888-511-6444.

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