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Anahit G

Anahit is from Armenia. She has 1 child. She needs a loan of $1,000 purchasing new inventory.

Future with Faith
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Anahit is from Armenia. She has 1 child. She needs a loan of $1,000 purchasing new inventory.

  • Top Goals Purchasing new inventory
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Anahit's Story

Anahit Grigoryan is from Meghri Armenia. Anahit trades clothing for children and adults, as well as shoes for men and women.

Anahit’s husband is helping her run the business until recently when she started to experience health issues. Their only child is serving in the Army and unable to help Anahit.

With the help of a World Vision Micro Finance loan, Anahit will be able to renew her inventory stock and revamp her business.

The business income gained helps sustain the family. Anahit is planning to keep up with the good work and meeting the local demand. Meeting the demand in these remote region is very vital for the local community. Anahit gives her clients what they search for.

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Industry Info

Retail is a quick and scalable way to begin earning a profit. Many entrepreneurs begin with stalls at markets or even at home and need a loan to expand or increase their inventory. Others may be ready to open a small store. Goods purchased from loan funds range from clothing, grocery or sundry items to jewelry, candy, perfume or health and beauty supplies. Loans in the commerce sector account for around 33% of our loans.

Anahit's Community

The community of Future with Faith is 75 miles north of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. It is an urban area with poor infrastructure. It is made up of four neighborhoods and two villages. The area was built after the devastating earthquake back in 1988. People were brought there from different parts of the city and had no history of living together or caring for each other. They still remember their former homes and neighbors and they feel they haven’t been treated fairly by the government. People have lost hope and trust. Perceptions are connected with the change of generations and so the challenges remain of helping people to understand the reality.

In Future with Faith, World Vision is educating parents and teachers about children’s rights, renovating schools and supplying sports equipment and learning materials, and teaching children about personal hygiene and nutrition that helps to improve their health. Microfinance is helping people to establish their businesses and grow their clientele to stabilize their earnings and provide for their families.

Anna began selling gata, a traditional Armenian pastry, to help supplement her husband’s income. It was a slow and labor-intensive project but Anna was persistent. When she received her first loan, she rented a small space and purchased an oven. After repaying her first loan, she took out a second loan to purchase a mixer. Today, she has work for her three grown children and employs two women, one a single mother of three. A small loan can make a huge difference.

Anahit's Mid Term Update April 17, 2013

Thank you for partnering with World Vision Micro to provide Anahit Grigoryan with a small loan for her clothing business. Anahit used her loan of $1,000 purchasing new inventory to restock her store. She continues to make weekly payments of $4 on time.

With the profits she has earned from her growing business, Anahit is able to purchase food for her family and pay for transportation.

Anahit's child continues to study in school. Thanks to Anahit’s hard work, she will be able to provide a brighter future for her child.

Thank you for supporting Anahit's small business through World Vision Micro!

Anahit's Final Update April 15, 2015

Anahit Grigoryan has successfully repaid her small business loan. She invested the $1,000 for her commerce business.

Thanks to the loan that she received, Anahit was able to use the profits from her business to provide healthcare and do home repairs. In the future, Anahit aspires to earn enough to take out another loan and repair or expand their home.

Anahit's 1 child continues to study in school. Because she was able to invest in her business, she will be able to invest in her family.

Thank you for investing in the power of hardworking people. These funds are now available to help other entrepreneurs in Anahit's community.

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