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Karmen K

Karmen is from Armenia. She needs a loan of $1,000 to renovate the hairdressing salon and introduce additional services for her clients.

Future with Faith
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Karmen is from Armenia. She needs a loan of $1,000 to renovate the hairdressing salon and introduce additional services for her clients.

  • Top Goals To renovate the hairdressing salon and introduce additional...
  • Number of Employees 2

Karmen's Story

Karmen Khachatryan is a successful hairdresser who is currently located in Goris City, Armenia. She has a charming personality and a strong work ethic and she has been able to save some money to rent a hairdressing salon in the center of town. With the help of the loan, Karmen is planning to renovate the salon and make it a comfortable place for her clients to enjoy her services. She also would like to add manicure options and other beauty procedures. Karem is focused on increasing the quality of her services while maintaining an affordable price for her customers. The loan that Karmen has requested has a repayment cycle of four years.

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Industry Info

In areas where the poor live alongside the more affluent, businesses in the service sector can be very successful. Services include flower cultivation, tailoring/sewing, transportation, repair work, beauty salons and barber shops, and restaurants. Loans are needed to begin, expand, or sustain business with tools and supplies. Loans given to entrepreneurs in the service sector account for around 7% of our loans.

Karmen's Community

The community of Future with Faith is 75 miles north of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. It is an urban area with poor infrastructure. It is made up of four neighborhoods and two villages. The area was built after the devastating earthquake back in 1988. People were brought there from different parts of the city and had no history of living together or caring for each other. They still remember their former homes and neighbors and they feel they haven’t been treated fairly by the government. People have lost hope and trust. Perceptions are connected with the change of generations and so the challenges remain of helping people to understand the reality.

In Future with Faith, World Vision is educating parents and teachers about children’s rights, renovating schools and supplying sports equipment and learning materials, and teaching children about personal hygiene and nutrition that helps to improve their health. Microfinance is helping people to establish their businesses and grow their clientele to stabilize their earnings and provide for their families.

Anna began selling gata, a traditional Armenian pastry, to help supplement her husband’s income. It was a slow and labor-intensive project but Anna was persistent. When she received her first loan, she rented a small space and purchased an oven. After repaying her first loan, she took out a second loan to purchase a mixer. Today, she has work for her three grown children and employs two women, one a single mother of three. A small loan can make a huge difference.

Karmen's Mid Term Update March 05, 2013

Thank you for supporting a small business loan for Karmen Khachatryan to expand her hair salon business. After receiving the loan from World Vision, she invested the $1,000 to renovate the hairdressing salon and introduce additional services for her clients.

Karmen has been repaying her loan on time with her new profits. She makes weekly payments of $4.

In addition to repaying her loan, Karmen is using additional income to expand her current business and purchase equipment.

Thank you for supporting Karmen and World Vision Micro!

Karmen's Final Update March 03, 2015

Karmen Khachatryan has successfully repaid her small business loan. She invested the $1,000 for her services business.

Thanks to the loan that she received, Karmen was able to use the profits from her business to do home repairs and expand the current business. In the future, Karmen aspires to earn enough to expand the current business and take out another loan.

Thank you for investing in the power of hardworking people. These funds are now available to help other entrepreneurs in Karmen's community.

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