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Esperanza U

Esperanza is from Mexico. She has 2 children. She needs a loan of $275 to buy clothes for women and children.

Crescencio Morales
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Esperanza is from Mexico. She has 2 children. She needs a loan of $275 to buy clothes for women and children.

  • Top Goals To buy clothes for women and children
  • Children Helped 2

Esperanza's Story

Mrs. Esperanza is from “El sabinal” a community in Michoacan. She is 50 years old and studied just 3 years in primary school. She started working when she was very young, her first work was being a maid in Tuxpan Michoacan. She is asking for a loan to invest in clothes for women and children. She will buy the clothes in Zitacuaro City and then she will sell them in the communities close to her community.

Mrs. Esperanza is married to Mr. Mariano, he is a farmer and they have 2 children: Ruben is 23 years old and Jessica is 18 years old, both work and help at her parents with household expenses.

She said: “thanks to God we don’t have problems like illness, my husband and I have a peaceful life because our children are older and they help us with household expenses”.

The goal for her business is buy more clothes and eventually buy clothes for men and will continue with this business and eventaully have 2 businesses. She would like to buy a mill.

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Industry Info

Retail is a quick and scalable way to begin earning a profit. Many entrepreneurs begin with stalls at markets or even at home and need a loan to expand or increase their inventory. Others may be ready to open a small store. Goods purchased from loan funds range from clothing, grocery or sundry items to jewelry, candy, perfume or health and beauty supplies. Loans in the commerce sector account for around 33% of our loans.

Esperanza's Community

Crecencio Morales is a mountainous community that is home to an indigenous population of approximately 8,000. Elder members of the population still speak the Mazahua indigenous languages and weave traditional clothing.

Residents of Crecencio Morales live in poverty, depending primarily on agriculture, commerce, and the production of artisan goods for income. Most homes are made of wood and have only two rooms with dirt floors. Families cook their meals on wood stoves, as gas and electricity are limited. Few residents have access to toilets or running water; most use outhouses and fetch water from community wells.

In Crecencio Morales, World Vision is providing families with business training; helping farmers increase agricultural production and incomes; attending to the health needs of malnourished children; increasing access to safe water through the installation of water tanks; and providing tutoring and recreational opportunities.

Esperanza's Mid Term Update March 11, 2011

Mrs. Esperanza used the loan to buy children's clothing and women's undergarments, as well as t-shirts, trousers, and many other things.

Her business is doing well and people from the surrounding communities have been coming to her store. She has kept her store well stocked as a strategy to keep her customers coming back.

Mrs. Esperanza has no debt, and has been responsible with her loan payments because they are easy to manage.

One of her successes is that many people shop at her store. She has many people placing orders for women's clothing like pants and blouses, as well as t-shirts for children, among other things. She will be asking for another loan soon to invest into purchasing other kinds of clothes, because her variety is limited for now.

Mrs. Esperanza is thankful for the trust and the loan that she was given.

Thank you for supporting Mrs. Esperanza and World Vision Micro!

Esperanza's Final Update May 20, 2011


Mrs. Esperanza's business has improved significantly, thanks to the loan. Her clothing store has been doing well and many people have stopped going outside of the community to buy their clothes. They prefer to shop at her store because she sells things at good prices.

Her quality of life has improved because she is earning more profits. She has been able to buy more food than before, which is a great help since the market is so far. She also invested a portion of the loan into the purchase of gladiolus flowers, because people are used to growing gladiolus during this season. She hopes to start growing this flower to augment her business.

Mrs. Esperanza has been a responsible person with her payments, and she has paid her loan in full.

She is thankful for the loan that she got as did many other people. She has been able to have a business and support her children.

Her dream is to sell even more clothing through the purchase of more inventories, and by going out to sell in the markets that are close to her town.

Mrs. Esperanza has repaid her loan in full. These loan funds are now available to help another worthy entrepreneur in her community. Thank you for supporting Mrs. Esperanza and World Vision Micro!

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