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Verginia H

Verginia is from Philippines. She has 5 children. She needs a loan of $200 to buy dry goods for the sari-sari store.

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Verginia is from Philippines. She has 5 children. She needs a loan of $200 to buy dry goods for the sari-sari store.

  • Top Goals To buy dry goods for the sari-sari store
  • Children Helped 5

Verginia's Story

Verginia Hermoso is 45 years old and owns a small piggery. She sells dry goods for the sari-sari store. She would like for all her children to finish college. It was in 2006 that she started her livelihood.

At the moment she earns 300 a day. She has five children. Raymer John Hermoso, 17, first year college. Ma. Corazon Hermoso, 16, 3rd year high school who wants to become a teacher. Regen Hermoso 14, 2nd year High School. Ronald Hermoso, 11 years old , fifth grade. Creshia Ann Hermoso, the youngest.

Her income from her business goes towards the children's education and family daily consumption.

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Industry Info

In areas where the poor live alongside the more affluent, businesses in the service sector can be very successful. Services include flower cultivation, tailoring/sewing, transportation, repair work, beauty salons and barber shops, and restaurants. Loans are needed to begin, expand, or sustain business with tools and supplies. Loans given to entrepreneurs in the service sector account for around 7% of our loans.

Verginia's Community

World Vision began working with the people of the Philippines in Manila in 1954. Childcare projects began shortly thereafter to help fund orphanages and daycare centers, health-care programs, educational assistance, hygiene, and spiritual enrichment projects. The Good Shepherd’s Fold Orphanage Project provided a gas stove, 600 reference books, musical instruments, vegetable seeds, and 3,000 textbooks to children on the island of Guimaras.

From 1960 to 1969, sponsorship continued to grow with the addition of the Mercyville orphanage in the village of Polonulig on the island of Mindanao. In addition, the Philippines Medical Boat Mission Project ministered to suffering people in remote, sea-locked villages. Medical and
evangelical teams provided health care through two- and three-day clinics in churches and homes.

World Vision opened the Manila office in 1972. Staff sought to improve communities and continued sharing the message of the Gospel. By the end of the decade World Vision sponsored 29,750 children. Community development projects provided a comprehensive approach to integrate
development among the small islands, which typically have few resources and are inaccessible during rough seas. Projects there sought to promote fishing, health care, sanitation, and education. The Ilin Island Fishing Project benefited 600 people by promoting self-sufficiency through agricultural production, increased fishing harvests, and improved water supplies.

Verginia's Mid Term Update August 23, 2010

Four months ago, Verginia was really worried looking for money to support her sari-sari store. She has five children and the money she spends for their daily needs comes from her business.

The loan was truly a help to her family. Without the loan, she might have closed her business or receive a loan from a loan shark who charges a high interest rate.

At the moment, she has a good repayment record.

Verginia's Final Update November 01, 2010


A business expansion was made possible through this World Vision loan. Verginia is now optimistic that she can save enough for her children's future.

Verginia has paid the loan in full and thanks those who sponsored and gave her this help.

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