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Workmark J

Workmark is from Kenya. He needs a loan of $250 to buy more kerosene to sell at the market.

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Workmark is from Kenya. He needs a loan of $250 to buy more kerosene to sell at the market.

  • Top Goals To buy more kerosene to sell at the market
  • Number of Employees 1

Workmark's Story

Workmark sells kerosene in Katito, Kenya.

A loan from World Vision will help him increase his stock of kerosene and better compete with other sellers in the marketplace. He hopes to continue increasing his stock as his sales improve, creating another job in his community.

Workmark will use his increased income to pay school fees and better meet his family’s everyday needs.

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Industry Info

Retail is a quick and scalable way to begin earning a profit. Many entrepreneurs begin with stalls at markets or even at home and need a loan to expand or increase their inventory. Others may be ready to open a small store. Goods purchased from loan funds range from clothing, grocery or sundry items to jewelry, candy, perfume or health and beauty supplies. Loans in the commerce sector account for around 33% of our loans.

Workmark's Community

Katito is a hill in Kenya with an average elevation of 5,000 feet. Summers are warm and rainfall is irregular. There is a high rate of HIV infection in Katito. Poverty has left most families and particularly children very susceptible to disease. Lack of fresh water is a major issue. Many dams are contaminated. Some residents treat the water at home while others drink as is.

Children are considered a valuable resource. A large family means more hands to help on the farm and ensures parents will be taken care of in their old age. With long distances between home and school and children needing to help on the farm, many do not get to attend school.

World Vision focuses on education, immunizations, HIV and AIDS prevention education, food security, and sanitation.

Workmark's Mid Term Update September 28, 2012

Thank you for supporting a small business loan for Workmark Jowi to expand his retail business where he sells kerosene. After receiving the loan from World Vision, he invested the $250 to buy more kerosene to sell at the market.

Workmark has been repaying his loan on time with his new profits. He makes weekly payments of $10.

In addition to repaying his loan, Workmark is using the additional income to expand the current business and buy supplies in bulk. Workmark was able to buy more stocks of the kerosene and he is happy with the business progress.

Thank you for supporting Workmark and World Vision Micro!

Workmark's Final Update December 21, 2012

Workmark Jowi has successfully repaid his small business loan. He invested the $250 for his kerosene selling business.

Thanks to the loan that he received, Workmark was able to use the profits from his business to expand his current business and buy supplies in bulk. In the future, Workmark aspires to earn enough to further expand his current business and take out another loan.

Thank you for investing in the power of hardworking people like Workmark through World Vision! These funds are now available to help other entrepreneurs in Workmark's community.

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This loan is reserved for a group: Takacs small group Northridge Church.

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