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Wosenyelesh G

Wosenyelesh is from Ethiopia. She has 2 children. She needs a loan of $125 to buy an ox for farming .

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Wosenyelesh is from Ethiopia. She has 2 children. She needs a loan of $125 to buy an ox for farming .

  • Top Goals To buy an ox for farming
  • Children Helped 2

Wosenyelesh's Story

Wosenyelesh, the mother of two, was raised in a rural area and taught to make a profit from agriculture through hardwork and dedication. Life is challenging, but she helps her husband in generating income through her farming activities. Wosenyelesh has a dream of expanding her business by participating in cattle fattening and owning a grain store. However, financial scarcity is a major obstacle preventing her from realizing her dreams. “If I get sufficient amount of money, I can work hard and get more income,” she said.

A World Vision microloan will be used to buy an ox to assist Wosenyelesh in cultivating her land for higher crop yields this growing season. She will be able to supply various types of grains to the local market in her area, which the local population needs and will gladly purchase.

The increased income will improve the living standard of her family and provide them a healthier diet. She can use any savings to reinvest in the farm toward cattle fattening and owning a grain store.

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Industry Info

The Agriculture business sector covers all farming and livestock activities. Some entrepreneurs request loans to help in securing supplies and equipment. Others want to buy more animals to breed or purchase feed and medicines. The majority of our loan clients live in rural communities where agriculture is already understood as a business model. It is for this reason that approximately 50% of our loans are in the agricultural sector.

Wosenyelesh's Community

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Wosenyelesh's Mid Term Update December 13, 2012

Thank you for partnering with World Vision Micro to provide Wosenyelesh Getaneh with a business loan for her farming business. Wosenyelesh used her loan of $125 to buy an ox for farming.

She continues to make weekly payments of $2 on time.

With the profits she has earned from her growing business, Wosenyelesh is able to purchase food for the animals, provide food for her family and purchase fertilizer for the farm.

Wosenyelesh's three children continue to study in school. Thanks to Wosenyelesh’s hard work, she will be able to provide a brighter future for her family.

Thank you for supporting Wosenyelesh's small business through World Vision Micro!

Wosenyelesh's Final Update June 13, 2013


Thank you for supporting Wosenyelesh Getaneh's farming business through World Vision Micro. Wosenyelesh invested her small business loan of $125 to buy an ox for farming more efficiently.

She has made weekly payments of $2, and has now fully repaid her loan.

With the profits from her business, Wosenyelesh has been able to provide her family with healthcare, to do home repairs, and to purchase food for her family.

Wosenyelesh's goal for the future is to earn enough so that she can start a new business, expand her current business, and repair or expand her home.

Wosenyelesh's two children remain in school. Because of your donation, Wosenyelesh is able to provide a better future for her children.

Thank you for providing Wosenyelesh with hope and a future through World Vision Micro! These funds are now being recycled to support another hardworking entrepreneur in the same community.

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