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Mary O

Mary is from Kenya. She has 3 children. She needs a loan of $250 to buy hair products.

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Mary is from Kenya. She has 3 children. She needs a loan of $250 to buy hair products.

  • Top Goals To buy hair products.
  • Children Helped 3
  • Number of Employees 2

Mary's Story

Mary operates a hair salon in Katito, Kenya. She lacks money to buy more products that will allow her to provide a wide variety of services to her clients.

With a loan from World Vision, Mary will buy hair products to use in her salon. Once she is able to provide more services, she expects that her clientele base will grow. She hopes to make enough income to sustain her family's basic needs like food and perhaps even pay for fees for her children to attend school. Mary dreams of growing her business large enough that she can hire other members of her community to help in the salon.

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Industry Info

In areas where the poor live alongside the more affluent, businesses in the service sector can be very successful. Services include flower cultivation, tailoring/sewing, transportation, repair work, beauty salons and barber shops, and restaurants. Loans are needed to begin, expand, or sustain business with tools and supplies. Loans given to entrepreneurs in the service sector account for around 7% of our loans.

Mary's Community

Katito is a hill in Kenya with an average elevation of 5,000 feet. Summers are warm and rainfall is irregular. There is a high rate of HIV infection in Katito. Poverty has left most families and particularly children very susceptible to disease. Lack of fresh water is a major issue. Many dams are contaminated. Some residents treat the water at home while others drink as is.

Children are considered a valuable resource. A large family means more hands to help on the farm and ensures parents will be taken care of in their old age. With long distances between home and school and children needing to help on the farm, many do not get to attend school.

World Vision focuses on education, immunizations, HIV and AIDS prevention education, food security, and sanitation.

Mary's Mid Term Update June 22, 2012

Thank you for supporting a small business loan for Mary Ogogo to expand her business where she owns beauty salon. After receiving the loan from World Vision, she invested the $250 to buy hair products.

Mary has been repaying her loan on time with her new profits. She makes weekly payments of $10. In addition to repaying her loan, Mary is using additional income to pay school fees and buy supplies in bulk. Mary's 3 children continue to study in school. Thank you for supporting Mary and World Vision Micro!

Mary's Final Update September 14, 2012

While Mary Ogogo initially invested her business loan by purchasing hair products to improve her beauty salon services, she has struggled to repay her loan. Although we continued to work with Mary to help her reestablish her business, we regret to report she has now defaulted on her loan.

Mary prays she will someday be able to restart her business so she can better provide for her family. Mary would like to sincerely thank all the donors who partnered with her. Please pray for Mary and her family during this difficult time.

Despite the fact that World Vision boasts a repayment rate greater than 98%, there will always be some loans that do not get fully repaid. While World Vision does everything it can to ensure that this does not happen, it is an unfortunate reality that must be recognized when providing loans to less fortunate populations.

Thank you for your understanding, and your support of World Vision Micro. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our Customer Care line at 1-888-511-6444.

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