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Justin M

Justin is from Kenya. He has 9 children. He needs a loan of $500 to repair the poshomill and purchase petrol for the machine.

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Justin is from Kenya. He has 9 children. He needs a loan of $500 to repair the poshomill and purchase petrol for the machine.

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Justin's Story

Justin, a father of nine from Marafa, Kenya, operates a poshomill which is used to grind maize. He currently lacks the capital needed to repair a broken piece of machinery.

With a loan through World Vision, Justin will be able to repair his machinery and ability to serve customers. He will then be able to attract her customers and generate income. Additional income created will allow him to better provide for his family and improve their standard of living through paying his children's school fees

In the future, Justin would like to be able to run his machine shop by electricity rather than petrol as he currently does. This will save money and the time of acquiring petrol from the nearest station. He would also like to employ others in his local community.

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Industry Info

Retail is a quick and scalable way to begin earning a profit. Many entrepreneurs begin with stalls at markets or even at home and need a loan to expand or increase their inventory. Others may be ready to open a small store. Goods purchased from loan funds range from clothing, grocery or sundry items to jewelry, candy, perfume or health and beauty supplies. Loans in the commerce sector account for around 33% of our loans.

Justin's Community

Marafa is located in southeast Kenya. It is an impoverished community plagued by drought, high illiteracy rates, poor access to health care, and the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS. Nearly 36,000 people reside in Marafa. Main sources of income include the production and sale of charcoal. This has caused great environmental damage but in a time of food scarcity, it cannot be help. One solution is to establish tree nurseries, which could improve the natural environment and provide jobs and income.

Although enrollment in primary schools is high in Marafa, early marriages and teenage pregnancies present a challenge to girls wanting an education. Boys are affected by child labor. And because of chronic food shortages, families move from place to place in search of odd jobs, making education inconsistent. Access to clean water for drinking and irrigation is needed.

World Vision has worked hard to help the people of Marafa. Accomplishments include constructing classrooms, providing desks, sports equipment, and teaching materials. Homes were built for 30 families and food supplements were distributed to children and families.

Microfinance is helping to make a difference. The Kenya Agency for Development of Enterprise and Technology. For every $1,000 loaned, 13 jobs are created or sustained. And approximately half of loan recipients are women.

Justin's Mid Term Update October 30, 2012

Thank you for supporting a small business loan for Justin Muramba to expand his maize grinding services business . After receiving the loan from World Vision, he invested the $500 to repair his poshomill and purchase petrol for the machine.

Justin has been repaying his loan on time with his new profits. He makes weekly payments of $9.

In addition to repaying his loan, Justin is using additional income to pay his children's school fees, provide healthcare and purchase food for his family.

Justin's nine children continue to study in school.

Thank you for supporting Justin and World Vision Micro!

Justin's Final Update April 30, 2013

Justin Muramba has successfully repaid his small business loan. He invested the $500 for his maize grinding services business.

Thanks to the loan that he received, Justin was able to use the profits from his business to pay his children's school fees, provide healthcare and purchase food for his family. In the future, Justin aspires to earn enough to send his children to school and expand his current business.

Justin's nine children continue to study in school. Because he was able to invest in his business, he will be able to invest in his family.

Thank you for investing in the power of hardworking people like Justin through World Vision! These funds are now available to help other entrepreneurs in Justin's community.

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