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Networking to Empower a Hardworking Entrepreneur

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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


How it Works


Order your free Micro kit here or call us at 1.888.511.6444. We’ll send along a booklet that shows you how to plan a successful event and fund a loan for a hardworking entrepreneur!


Register your group and browse entrepreneur profiles. Choose one and follow him or her via your account page or through email updates.


Invest in someone’s promise & potential

Resources to Start Your Micro Event

Publicity Materials

Get the word out about your Micro event:

  • Press Release: Urge the local media to cover what your group is doing
  • Poster: Put them up at school, at work, or in the neighbourhood
  • Flyer: Distribute wherever you can to spread the word about Micro
  • PowerPoint Presentation: Use engaging visuals to show how Micro works
  • Talking Points/Statistics: Help generate discussion about how Micro is empowering real people to lift their families out of poverty


Use these videos to share the wonder and power of Micro, and show your group how they can help transform lives:

Additional Resources

Engage your group in unique ways:

  • Role-playing “I am” Story Cards: Use them to convey the stories of real entrepreneurs who have benefited from a Micro loan
  • Recipe Cards: Give group members a “taste” of your entrepreneur’s world
  • Craft Activities: Get your group talking about what it’s like for people in developing countries who make and sell crafts for a living
  • Children's Activities: Teach the little ones about the impact they can make through Micro
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THE POWER OF MICRO: Did you know that once your initial loan is repaid, it’s recycled for another hard worker in that same community? As daily life improves for one family after another, your initial loan becomes the most effective and far-reaching investment you’ll ever make.

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