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  • Diego Armando
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    Diego Armando is from Mexico. He needs a loan of $400 to increases the variety of products in his store.
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    Diego is from Culiacan Sinaloa. He is 22 years old. He has a disease known in the medical field as "Cerebellar Ataxia" which is to not have muscle coordination, especially in arms and legs. His eagerness to live is what has helped him in coping. With support, he has achieved a small store. He wants to be helpful and support his parents to buy some medicine they need. He has a younger brother, who is in high school. Diego wants help him to study medicine. It is expensive but if he works hard, it can be accomplished. Today he needs a loan to invest in his store because he has not had some of the products that people asked for, which is necessary to attract more customers. Diego's great dream is to have a little supermarket. Now he has a little store but his business is only 3 months old. In 2 more years he hopes that a room in his house could be transformed into a mini supermarket.
    100% repaid to date
    Loan needed: $400

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