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  • Natalia
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    Natalia is from Mexico. She needs a loan of $475 to buy 4 sheep and pasture.
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    Natalia is 56 years old and has been married to Gerardo for 39 years. Gerardo is a farmer who grows corn, beans and broad beans. Natalia has been selling sheep for the past 30 years. She buys her sheep when they are little and then makes them grow strong and healthy to sell them. The main challenge in raising sheep is to keep them healthy, especially in cold weather. Natalia takes her sheep to the vet every month because they are very delicate and can easily get sick and die. She is asking for a loan to buy 4 more sheep and food. She currently has three sheep. It is hard for Natalia to afford enough food for her sheep. She will make sure that her sheep grow up to be healthy and to produce healthy offspring. She needs the extra money to help her husband with their household and school expenses. The nearest school is in another community, so Natalia has to pay for their transportation. She wants her children to get a college education. With whatever profits she gets, she wants to buy shoes, clothes and food for her children.
    100% repaid to date
    Loan needed: $475

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