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  • Chhun
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    Chhun is from Cambodia. She has 6 children. She needs a loan of $1,000 to buy fishing equipments, fertilizers and lotus seeds.
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    Chhum sells lotus and fish and her husband is a fisherman. Because of their poverty, her children have had to leave school because she couldn't afford the school fees. She needs capital to expand her business and earn a better income. She is requesting a loan to purchase lotus seeds for her business and fishing supplies for her husband. By maximizing her income, she can use the profits to send her children back to school. Chhum would like to hire someone to help her grow lotus. And she also would like to open a small cosmetics shop at home. Her hope is that not only would her family's life improve, but that of her community since she would be able to employ help.
    100% repaid to date
    Loan needed: $1,000

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