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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


How The Loan Process Works

1. Our Local Lender Approves an Entrepreneur

World Vision Micro: How It Works
Learn how it all starts!

A World Vision microfinance institution approves the borrower. Typically, they are women in developing countries who do not have collateral or a credit history to secure a traditional loan. The local institution then gives the entrepreneur a loan. Learn more about why our loans are pre-funded.

2. The Entrepreneur Appears on Micro

After a borrower has been approved for a loan, their name, story, and business idea are uploaded to Micro for you to review and follow. While World Vision initially fronts the cost of the loan, donations are tracked such that they underwrite the exact entrepreneur of your choosing.

3. You Choose an Entrepreneur

Read their story. See their business idea. Donate to help. With one in five people worldwide surviving on less than $1.25 a day, the need is great. Plus, your donation is always tax-deductible.

How The Loan Process Works
Entrepreneur Builds A Business

4. Entrepreneur Builds a Business

Thanks to your help, a borrower in a country like Rwanda could start a carpentry shop, buy farm animals, expand a small restaurant, or hire more employees for their weaving venture. These businesses can create jobs to benefit the whole community.

5. Once Repaid, Your Donated Loan Recycles

Once repaid to the local microfinance institution (the current repayment rate is 97%), your donation recycles over and over again to helping an ever-growing number of entrepreneurs in the same country.

6. More Hardworking Families are Helped

Just one donation could help hundreds of people in the years to come! Families who receive microfinance loans have better health, increased income, and the ability to spend more on food, medicine, and education for their children.

7. Entire Communities Grow

Loans are woven into World Vision’s holistic model to alleviate global poverty. World Vision partners with communities for 12-18 years to meet other basic needs including: clean water, nutritious food, health care, and education.

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