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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


A Holistic Model

Community Influence

By giving communities access to necessary things like clean water, health care, and education, people learn to be self-sustaining. Tools to create a better life empower them to work together to build the community.

Providing loans to entrepreneurs helps those communities establish businesses and jobs and daily commerce. People earn an income and then reinvest in their community by buying food, clothing, paying for education, or improving their homes.

Community Influence
Long Term Commitment

Long-term Commitment

Meeting the Needs

World Vision’s commitment to a community lasts from 12 – 18 years. This allows time to help educate and train local leaders to take ownership of the projects. Ongoing funding sources such as child sponsorship and government grants make it possible for World Vision to stay present and provide tools for sustainability.

Building Infrastructure

In an effort to create sustainable communities, World Vision aims to establish both physical and organization structures. Tasks such as building roads and providing access to clean water help sustain living conditions. Instructing individuals and groups on how to form and operate businesses, improve farming methods, and construct health clinics improves those living conditions.

Donated Funds Stay in the Community

World Vision Micro keeps the funds within the community. Once an entrepreneur has repaid their loan, that loan is provided to another worthy entrepreneur within the same community. The investment just keeps paying back.

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Healthcare, Education, Nutrition & Clean Water

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. World Vision helps communities to improve their endurance by helping them access health care, education, better food, and clean water. By helping to repair, build, and furnish classrooms, educating mothers on how to prepare nutritious meals, teaching improved agricultural methods, and digging wells and building latrines, World Vision can help transform communities.

Recognizing The Need

Working To Break The Poverty Cycle

Recognizing the Need

World Vision works the many avenues it takes to create an ever-strengthening, poverty-fighting infrastructure. Just like access to safe water improves the health and nutrition for children and adults, giving a loan to an entrepreneur to start a small business stimulates the economy. Microfinance gives hardworking people the opportunity to move from dependence on aid to financial self-sustainability – empowering them to change their own lives and the lives of their children.

With your donation, a business is established and perhaps more jobs are created from that one business. When that loan is repaid, your donation goes to help another business become a reality. And then another. The cycle strengthens as it grows. Soon the community has a sustainable economy.

Implementing the Solution

This is where you come in. By deciding to help a hardworking entrepreneur, you begin the cycle of sustainability. You give the ultimate gift of empowerment.

Implementing The Solution
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