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Here are ways you can make a difference

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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


Fund a Loan
Fund a LoanFor a Hardworking Entrepreneur

View opportunities to make a difference. Read about each entrepreneur and learn about their specific need.

Give Monthly
Give MonthlyTo Go Even Further

Each month, invest in the potential of a new hardworking, impoverished entrepreneur. Select the entrepreneur for the first month and then we’ll send you details of a different entrepreneur each month thereafter.

Group Giving
Group GivingMake an Impact Together

Team up to make a bigger difference! Maximize your lending efforts by starting or joining a group with your friends, family members, or coworkers. Give collectively and watch how you can change lives around the world together.

Purchase a Gift Card
Purchase a Gift Card For Someone You Love

Give the gift that can change the world! Micro Gift Cards let your friends and family choose a hardworking entrepreneur to support. As the entrepreneur repays the loan, your friends and family will continue to receive updates on their progress.

One-Time Donation
One-Time DonationWhere it’s Needed Most

Make a one-time donation that will be applied to where it’s needed most. Know that once that loan is repaid, your donation is loaned to another worthy entrepreneur.

Spread The Word
Spread The WordTo Your Community

Share how easy it is to make a difference. Use the resources provided to help spread the word at work, at church, in your community.

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Stay Connected

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