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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


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Micro is a gift with enormous impact. It’s a great way to invest in the potential of hardworking people, and a way for vulnerable families to pull themselves out of poverty. Through Micro, donors fund small loans for hard workers who want to build a better life and provide for their children, and who have a great business idea but no capital to get started.


DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT is a matching gift program that gives corporations, major donors, and other high-capacity World Vision donors an opportunity to match Micro gifts toward a loan for a hardworking entrepreneur in a developing country. It’s a flexible program that allows corporations and individuals to choose entrepreneurs based on their own corporate or social preferences.

First, the company makes a donation. Next, the individual donor chooses an entrepreneur to support. Then, the company’s matching gift is activated by the individual’s gift. It’s amazing to see Double Your Impact in action!


THE DONOR gets to invest in the potential of hardworking people, which ultimately helps create lasting, sustainable change for vulnerable families who are working their way out of poverty. One of the most impressive things about Micro is that the donor’s gift can help dozens of families in the years to come. Once the initial loan is repaid, the original tax-deductible donation is recycled, and another entrepreneur from the same community receives a loan. Talk about a smart investment!

THE COMPANY gets to fulfill corporate philanthropic obligations, engage its employees, support a worthy organization, receive a tax benefit, and advertise its good corporate citizenship through co-branding opportunities online with Micro. Matching gift programs help make philanthropy and social responsibility a viable part of a corporate culture. And when employees participate, too, they feel like they’re making an important contribution, which enhances job performance, morale, and workplace pride. Research also shows that customers and employees relate better to a corporate brand when that corporation supports a charitable organization like Micro. The concept of “doing well by doing good” is very real indeed.

THE ENTREPRENEURS who have been empowered with a Micro loan are able to lift themselves out of poverty, feed their children nutritious food, send them to school, meet health-care needs, and save for the future. What an incredible gift!


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