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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


Building Capital

The Ripple Effect

World Vision Micro is unique because the loan capital remains in the community. Unlike other lending programs, we request donations rather than loans. So when donors provide a tax deductible donation to fund an entrepreneur’s loan, the capital funds not only the initial loan, but is available for future loans in an ongoing and sustainable way. It’s a ripple effect. Once a loan is repaid, the funds are used to help another hardworking entrepreneur in the same community. And so on. And so on.

Community Influence
Long Term Commitment

A Richer Community

When entrepreneurs establish and expand their businesses, not only do they help themselves, but they help their fellow neighbors by creating new jobs. When businesses expand, more members of the community are employed, and more families have the opportunity to escape poverty.

When there’s more capital in the community, there can be improvements to things such as roads, buildings, schools, and water resources. Reinvigorating the basics can drive people to continue improving their surrounding conditions. New roads enable easier access to markets, schools educate children, and clean water keeps everyone healthy. It’s how World Vision can empower communities to become sustainable.

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Breaking The Cycle

By giving families the tools they need to succeed, they become healthier and have greater incomes. Improved incomes allow families to invest in clean water, nutritious food, better medicine, and education for children. And this benefits the entire community. It gives hardworking people the opportunity to move from dependence on aid to financial self-sustainability. It creates confidence and pride. It provides a brighter future for children. Repay. Recycle. Restore – that’s the circle. And this is how World Vision can empower communities and break the cycle of poverty.

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