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Country FactsPhilippines

92.2 million
Life Expectancy:
69 years
Infant Mortality Rate:
Average Annual Income:
US $1,841
Literacy Rate:

Meet Lovel

In Lovel's community, most families rely on fishing as a sole meager source of income. Fourteen families banded together to make a change.

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Micro Stats

  • 1229 loans funded
  • 1199 women funded
  • 16 loans available on site
  • 23 avg. loan term (wks)
  • 20 communities
  • $198 avg. loan size

Country Perspective

Many cultures have contributed to the Filipino population, creating a mosaic that reflects both Eastern and Western influences. Most Filipinos are an ethnic mix of Malay and some Chinese, Indian, Spanish, and American ancestry. While there are more than 160 dialects, Filipino (based on Tagalog) and English are the official languages.

Filipinos have extremely close family ties. Your entrepreneur's home may include several generations. It is common for a child to continue living with his or her parents even after getting married. In some cases, two or three families may live in one household.

Many people live in rural fishing and farming communities. Food production is minimal and usually just enough to keep children fed. Mothers will often sew as a way to contribute to their family's income.

Though primary education is free as well as compulsory, and schools are available throughout the nation, the quality of education is poor in rural areas. In their search for opportunities, many families move to big cities like Manila, where homelessness and drug addiction are serious problems among children. Child sponsorship is helping families find alternate sources of income so they can stay in their own communities and improve the quality of life for their children.

Our Microfinance Institution (MFI) Stats

  • CEVI mfi
  • $3,154,881 outstanding portfolio
  • 28,343 active borrowers
  • $189 avg. loan size
  • 95% sustainability level
  • 0% return on assets

16 Entrepreneurs From Philippines

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  • Carmelita B Country: Philippines Ind: Commerce

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  • Nicanora B Country: Philippines Ind: Commerce

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