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Country FactsKenya

39 million
Life Expectancy:
55 years
Infant Mortality Rate:
Average Annual Income:
US $770.00
Literacy Rate:
School Enrollment:

Meet Sarah

Thanks to several small loans from World Vision, Sarah and her husband have been able to expand their bakery and improve the lives of their four children.

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Micro Stats

  • 3104 loans funded
  • 2015 women funded
  • 1 loans available on site
  • 39 avg. loan term (wks)
  • 35 communities
  • $299 avg. loan size

Country Perspective

Forty-one percent of Kenya's population lives in cities. Rural Kenyans generally live with their extended family in a cluster of huts, which provides shelter and symbolizes the closeness of the people living there. In a spirit of cooperation, family members share work responsibilities and resources as they support themselves through farming.

One in two Kenyans lives below the poverty line. Many families are nomadic cow and goat herders. They spend the dry season, December to March, searching for lush pastures. They return for the rainy season, April to November, when their own land can provide adequate food for the animals.

Since most babies are delivered at home, official birth certificates are often not available. Instead of birth dates, parents recall that a child was born during a particular season or special event.

Families often want to have many children because they are considered a valuable resource. A large family means more hands to help on the farm and ensures parents will be taken care of in their old age.

Although the Kenyan government provides schooling for children up to age eight, approximately 1.7 million children do not attend school because of failing economic and social systems.

Our Microfinance Institution (MFI) Stats

  • KADET mfi
  • $7,436,080 outstanding portfolio
  • 18,314 active borrowers
  • $587.00 avg. loan size
  • 65% sustainability level
  • -3% return on assets

1 Entrepreneurs From Kenya

  • Selesia A Country: Kenya Ind: Commerce

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    $75 raised
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