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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


A Solution That Works

ACT:S+MICRO is a campaign to tell the story of how microloans work to change lives and communities. Be a part of the solution by signing up for our free film and starter kit.

Discover How It Works

Through ACT:S+Micro resources, learn more about how microloans transform the lives of the working poor.

Micro Loans Are Working For:
  • Dignity

    Microloans empower individuals to use their talents to create a sustainable income
  • Freedom

    Microloans protect children from vulnerable situations related to poverty
  • Families

    Microloans keep families together by providing local opportunities, eliminating the need to migrate for work
  • Tomorrow

    Microloans create a sustainable future by working alongside community development in a holistic way

Experience Why It Works

Join four creative activists as they experience the stories of people whose lives have been impacted by the power of microloans.

Who Will You Work For?

Form a group and choose an entrepreneur
whose loan you want to fund.

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