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Your gift to help a hardworking entrepreneur will double in impact thanks to a generous World Vision partner.


  • The need

    2 in 5 people

    40% of the world's population lives on less than $2 a day, leading to malnutrition, disease, and ultimately untimely death.

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  • A sustainable solution

    We give. They repay. They give

    A $100 donation equals $7150 of economic impact for an entrepreneur and their community over 10 years.

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  • Give opportunity

    Support a Loan

    Thousands of faithful entrepreneurs are in need of your support. Help them secure a future today.

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  • A holistic model

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    Small loans by themselves are not enough to end global poverty. But when these small loans are interwoven with other poverty-fighting efforts like clean water, health, and education, the result is a world-class approach to community development. That is what makes World Vision's Micro so unique and praised among community development experts.

  • Building capital

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    As a business generates a profit, small loan recipients build assets, save money, and are able to provide for their families. If the business expands to hire additional employees, then the entire community gets an economic development boost. Once repaid and recycled, microfinance loans can help family after family lift themselves out of poverty.

  • Success stories

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    Small loans give hardworking entrepreneurs the chance to own their own businesses, earn their own income, stimulate their local economy, and become respected members of their communities. See how stories of struggle became stories of success with the help of a small loan from World Vision!

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  • Loans Dispursed since 1993

  • Average loan size

  • Repayment rate

  • Total amt invested in 2010

4,710 villages impacted globally

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  • Rael kabon L Country: Kenya Ind: Agriculture/Animals

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    $250 raised
  • Eliba B Country: Kenya Ind: Commerce

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    $100 raised
  • Judith marindany C Country: Kenya Ind: Agriculture/Animals

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    $25 raised